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Macro and Micro Views of Erotic Tourism

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Macro and Micro Views of Erotic Tourism
Rhonda D. Evans (Texas A&M University), Craig J. Forsyth, and George Wooddell (University of Louisiana)
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Prostitution; Sex work; Unionisation of sex workers; Clients, Abolitionism; New Abolitionism; Prohibitionism; Regulationism, Women's rights; Women; Control and regulation of prostitution, Protection, Punishable forms of prostitution,
This article examines the deviant phenomenon of erotic tourism from both a structural and interactionist perspective. It focuses on the heterosexual portion of the industry, speciŽcally males as tourists, with females as the providers of some type of sexual experience. Erotic tourism involves providing a sexual experience for tourists as voyeurs, participants, or both. Although erotic tourism is a unique structure for taking part in sexual deviance, the sexual roles of women in this industry are not. As a group these women engage in roles as strippers, prostitutes, and escorts. The authors also examine the historical origins of this sex industry. Data were gleaned from interviews with those selling sex tours as well as buyers of these services. Finally, the article frames erotic tourism within the literature on sexual deviance.
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