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Sisters and Daughters Betrayed: The Trafficking of Women and Girls and the Fight to End It

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Sisters and Daughters Betrayed: The Trafficking of Women and Girls and the Fight to End It
Chela Blitt
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Sexual exploitation, Forced labour, Prostitution, Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, Documentary, Women's rights; Women; Control and regulation of prostitution, Protection, Punishable forms of prostitution,
Sisters and Daughters Betrayed documents the trafficking in women's labor across national borders. We are told that hundreds of thousands of girls and women are forced into prostitution in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, often with the tacit approval of their governments. This short video focuses on sexual trafficking from three countries - Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines - and the efforts of various international feminist groups to end the practice. Interviews with prostitutes and activists detail how women and and activists detail how women and girls are lured not just from the country to the city, but from their own countries to foreign countries. The video shows how the efforts of the World Bank and IMF to encourage development have left some families landless and in debt. They have no choice but to send their daughters into the city as prostitutes. In Thailand, which is marketed as a sexual paradise, a three-billion-dollar international tourism industry brings in far more revenue than any export, including rice and textiles. The video shows how national feminist programs such as EMPOWER in Thailand have helped protect women in prostitution, while international activist groups such as Asia Watch have tried to prevent the trafficking in women. Place order: Several Clips of Expert Opinions available at
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