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Turning Wheel - prevention material Hidden at Work

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Turning Wheel - prevention material Hidden at Work
La Strada Czech Republic
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Hidden at Work prevention awareness raising material

In 2021 - 2022, the project Hidden at Work- Labour and sexual exploitation and harassment of women in the (private) work sphere was implemented. The lead organisation was LSI's member FairWork in the Netherlands. The project was jointly implemented with LEFÖ IBF in AustriaLa Strada Czech Republic and La Strada International.

This two year project focused on the prevention of gender based violence, specifically at the informal workplace, by addressing labour and sexual exploitation and harassment of women at work. The target group of the project were female migrants working in the informal private sphere, such as domestic workers, babysitters, live-in care working or women working in any other kind of family business.

They are particularly vulnerable to face labour and sexual exploitation and/or violence and harassment. They work in isolated places in other people’s homes, often do not have valid (working) papers and work on informal ‘contracts’. They depend on their employer not only for their income, but also for their housing and sometimes their residence permit. Often, but not exclusively, they are from countries from outside of the EU.

The project aimed to reach out to these women through (online) awareness-raising and empowerment strategies and (referral to) direct support services, to ensure they know and (can) claim their labour and human rights. The project consortium also trained professionals who are likely to detect exploited or harassed women at work. Relevant in depth insights in the problems of the target group and the obstacles they experience in practice will be used to advocate for improvements in relevant legislation and/or in their implementation.