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Written Comments by La Strada International to the CEDAW

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Written Comments by La Strada International to the CEDAW
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We believe that CEDAW’s acknowledgement for the need to enforce legal sanctions against employers engaging in abusive employment and labour practices
Written comments by La Strada International on the CEDAW Draft general recommendation
on Trafficking in Women and Girls in the Context of Global Migration
CEDAW should avoid any suggestions that demand only plays a role in the sex sector.
States should ensure that all workers can be empowered and have access to labour rights without risk of immigration enforcement, and should use market-based incentives such as taxes and subsidies for companies and employers, or measures promoting specific values or behaviours through peer pressure to influence demand for cheap and exploitable labour. In addition, better monitoring of the compliance of labour regulations is needed, next to sanctions for those that do not comply, with clear liability for violations along supply chains and by recruitment agencies. The same for regulations in place to ensure transparency and clean supply chains.
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