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What is on your mind - letter of Sexpertise

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20 December 2019
What is on your mind - letter of Sexpertise
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sex workers

Dutch sex workers organisations oppose the new draft law regulating sex work in the Netherlands (Wet Regulering Sekswerk/WRS). The Government has stated that it aims to tackle human trafficking and violence against sex workers through this law, that makes it mandatory for them to apply for a permit and to be registered as such, with a fine of €20,750 in case of violation; additionally, customer of illegal sex workers risk up to one year of imprisonment, while those who help sex workers could be condemned to up to 2 years. Under this law, sex workers need to be at least 21 years old and to be allowed to work in the Netherlands, and their suitability will be assessed by the Dutch government.

We believe that the law will have the opposite effect, because of its strict age limits, disproportionate fines and the license mechanism, which may rise privacy concerns. Accessible care, community empowerment and strengthening of chain cooperation between care institutions and the police are essential, together with good cooperation with sex workers and customers.