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December 2018
Social Map
La Strada International
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Social map service providers contacts referral victims of trafficking

This social map was developed in co-creation by La Strada International and CoMensha in the Netherlands, within the framework of the project SAFE! - Safe and Adequate Return, Fair Treatment and Early Identification of Victims of Trafficking from Third Countries outside the EU. 

The Safe! project was co-financed by the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and the Dutch Ministry for Welfare Health and Sport.  The Safe! project was coordinated by the Dutch shelter organisation HVO-Querido and consisted of a unique consortium comprising the following organisations: Animus Association | La Strada Bulgaria, IOM Bulgaria, National Commission for Combating Traffic in Human Beings in Bulgaria, IOM Hungary, National Police Hungary, CoMensha (Dutch Coordination Centre against Human Trafficking), FairWork, Humanitas Rotterdam, IOM Netherlands, National Police Netherlands, La Strada International and Open Gate | La Strada North Macedonia