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Rights at Work - Tackling labour exploitation in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania

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March 2019
Rights at Work - Tackling labour exploitation in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania
Suzanne Hoff - La Strada International
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Rights at Work tackling labour exploitation Poland Bulgaria Romania

The project Rights at Work – Tackling Labour Exploitation in All Economic Sectors was implemented over a period of 26 months between 2016 and 2018 and coordinated by La Strada International, with six national implementation partners from Poland (La Strada Poland and Association for Legal Intervention/SIP), Bulgaria (Animus Association), Romania (AIDRom) and Netherlands (SOMO, FairWork).

The project, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Small Human Rights Fund), aimed to contribute to addressing and preventing labour rights infringements and exploitation (including severe forms of labour exploitation such as human trafficking and forced labour) in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

In September 2018, the final findings were presented and verified at a conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This report is the result of mapping, research, capacity building and other actions undertaken in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania in the period 2016-2018 within the framework of the Rights at Work project.

The mapping included online research and face-to-face interviews with local partners, and through them other experts and authorities. Fact-finding missions took place to map labour rights infringements, and to identify current gaps in the legal protection framework and its enforcement. This report contains all findings and recommendations for policy and practical changes that were formulated as a result of the project activities, as well as the conference findings.
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