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Workshop PICUM power point presentation

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28 May 2019
Workshop PICUM power point presentation
Lilana Keith PICUM
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workshop PICUM Justice at Last seminar
The Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants’ (PICUM) promotes access to justice for undocumented workers. Crucial to this is the possibility to safely report crime to the police (‘safe reporting’), access support services, and access complaints and redress mechanisms for labour rights violations that are effective (‘effective complaints mechanisms). Ms Lilana Keith highlighted in her presentation that there are major barriers to accessing an effective remedy for undocumented workers in both the civil or criminal justice systems; they usually cannot file a complaint without risking arrest or deportation. Considering the range and prevalence of labour rights violations and exploitation, PICUM takes a labour rights approach, focusing mostly on strengthening protections and empowerment through the labour/ civil justice system. She presented PICUM guidelines explaining how to establish effective complaints mechanisms for labour rights violations, for all workers, including undocumented workers including by implementing a “firewall”. This is a clear division of roles between labour inspectorate bodies and activities and immigration enforcement.