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compensation to victims

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27 May 2019
compensation to victims
Anna Fiodorova
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Ms. Anna Fiodorova, Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Procedural Law Department presented  a study carried out by the University Carlos III in Madrid on monetary reparation to the victims in Spain and two projects: a national Crowd-funding project “Reparation to victims of sexual violence”, and a project “Towards fair and effective compensation scheme to victims of sexual violence” (FAIRCOM) with the grant of the EU Justice Programme. She presented the findings of the research related to practical application of Spanish legal regulations and effective payment of compensation, as well as the impact of the participation of victims in the legal procedure (in Spain victims have the right to accuse and to participate in the process as a formal party).

This national Crowd-funding project gave an idea for a proposal of a European project FAIRCOM (starts in September of 2019) with the aim to analyze the state of play of access to compensation for victims of sexual violence and to find out shortcomings in 5 Member States: Greece, Italy, Latvia, Spain and the Netherlands. The project also aims to design and promote a model for fair and appropriate compensation to victims of sexual crimes.