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Claiming compensation via the European Court of Human Rights

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27 May 2019
Claiming compensation via the European Court of Human Rights
Nathasha Dobreva
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European court of Human Rights compensation

Natasha Dobreva prepared 3 examples from the ECtHR jurisprudence, where the Court elaborated on the right, the amount and the collection of compensation for material damages caused by human trafficking. These cases concern 3 countries with different legal systems: France, the UK and Greece. They concern trafficking in the forms of domestic servitude and labor exploitation, in that respect, the Court discusses the loss of earnings that they cause. She coupled the presentation of these judgments with a follow up regarding their implementation and the subsequent supervision by the Committee of Ministers  (what are the general measures employed by the Respondent Governments). This to show the individual benefit for the applicant from the use of the ECtHR mechanism. Secondly to demonstrate this mechanism also as a tool for monitoring.