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Report Focus Group meeting Access to Compensation

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June 2018
Report Focus Group meeting Access to Compensation
La Strada International
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compensation victims rights focus group access to justice criminal and civil procedures cross border cooperation
The Focus Group Discussions of 7 June 2018 gathered input and aimed to validate and complement preliminary findings of three assessments conducted on the issue of compensation, by representatives of diverse stakeholder groups including NGOs, lawyers, prosecutors and judges, and some national and international governmental representatives.
These three assessments, conducted within the framework of the project, identify and analyse remaining barriers, as well as needs and best practices on how to overcome such barriers, each focusing on a different element of compensation: legal procedures and alternative mechanisms, victim needs, and referral. The three assessments gathered information from earlier research on compensation, and from an initial analysis of 60+ legal cases collected by the Justice at Last consortium partners. The preliminary findings obtained from these cases are further supported by information collected from country analysis through questionnaires filled in by the Consortium partners.
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